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Automoblox® design and manufacture a range of modern and retro vehicles that are designed to be pulled apart and baby jumper rebuilt. Automoblox produce two ranges of wooden cars and trucks; the large range and the mini vehicles range. Combine two or more vehicles of the same range and use your creativity to build your own vehicles. The design and quality of these vehicles is sure to capture the attention of all ages.

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  • Kaplan offers an unparalleled selection of early childhood furniture.
  • Action tables can be a new benefit for both child and parents.
  • The imaginative toys such as wands, hobby horse, and other exciting pieces have simple and appealing designs that let imaginative play go on endlessly.

The PAL values that can be sustained for a long period of time by free-living adult populations range from about 1.40 to 2.40. As discussed in section 5.6, this corresponds to PAL values of 1.75 and higher. BMR constitutes about 45 to 70 percent of TEE in adults, and is determined principally by gender, body size, body composition and age. BMR can be measured only under laboratory conditions and in small groups of representative individuals. There is a need to estimate BMR at the population level when using the factorial approach to estimate TEE from the average BMR and PAL value attributable to that population. Hence, the alternative has been to estimate a group’s mean BMR using predictive equations based on measurements that are easier to obtain, such as body weight and/or height.

Costa Coffee Table

The texture of the natural material stimulates senses better and the products are more durable and long-lasting. Discoveroo aim to help develop young minds through creative play and imagination with their toys. Almost all design is done in-house, with local artists contracted for graphics. The factories they use in China have ICTI certification, proving their safe and fair work practices. Any Discoveroo toy will last for years to come and be loved by all children. Play & Go is a Belgian based creative company who are developing products that are clever, colourful and inspiring and are sure to make kids happy and put a smile on everyone’s face.

Crawl & Learn Ball

The first success was an intentionally under-stuffed plush dinosaur, and they have expanded to many different products, including sturdy wooden toys such as their activity sets. Every wooden toy is created with sustainable wood, and they only use safety tested water based paints. You can be certain of the quality and durability of The Manhattan Toy Company products, and children are sure to love them. Haba is a German company that has been designing and developing an extensive and exceptional range of high quality wooden toys for the past 75 years. During this time Haba has received multiple awards for its wooden toys and games that foster the development of your child’s imagination, creativity and fine and gross motor skills. We love their high quality wooden – clutching toys, construction toys, games and ball tracks.

You can purchase it in both blue and pink depending on your preference. This small table is sturdy and well built, with storage under each chair for all of your kid’s toys and supplies. The top of the table is multi-purpose with one side of the tabletop being a blackboard while the other is a whiteboard. It’s easy to build so you can put it together in just minutes.

Baby Bookworm

Hanging paper roll, paper cutter, canvas storage bin, three removable storage cups, and assembly tools and hardware. It’s great for slightly older children given the height. If you’re not into the bold colors pictured here, you can also order this table in white. In contrast to a waterfall water table, this activity pool is best for kiddos who love to get wet. By combining a traditional kiddie pool with buckets and waterfall features, this water playset lets your little one have a more immersive experience by getting their whole body involved.

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This activity table set is certainly designed with kids in mind. It has rounded edges to avoid injury and lift handles on the chairs so they’re easier to move. The table has four storage bins tucked underneath and is lightweight enough to easily be moved by kids. The table is perfect for snacks, arts and crafts, and many other activities. Most kid’s activity tables are scaled down to size, with perfectly appropriate chairs for them to sit on.