Gar Wood Offers Solutions To Reduce Risk During These Uncertain Times

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In response to major market dislocations in the wake of the ongoing credit crisis and insolvency among premier global investment firms, hedge funds are taking a serious look at their prime brokerage relationships, with many seeking to diversify their relationships in order to reduce their risks and exposures. With the flight to quality, and the remaining bulge bracket firms at or near capacity, smaller and mid-size managers are looking to the boutique prime brokers more than ever. Additionally, many of the larger, more established funds are also looking to the distinct business models of the boutique primes and giving them greater consideration.

Smaller, focused prime brokers are poised to provide immediate support and reduce the risks of dealing with a single larger prime broker – whose balance sheet may be impacted by their own trading books. Working with a smaller prime who has strong strategic partnerships offers the opportunity to allocate assets across strategic trading and clearing partners to reduce risk and counterparty exposure.

Focused solely on servicing their institutional clientele with prime brokerage, trade execution and third-party marketing services, Gar Wood Securities has a very compelling offering. The firm trades solely on an agency basis – avoiding any conflicts of interest – offering over six distinct trading platforms with direct market access to all major global markets and ECNs covering equities, options, CFDs, futures and Forex. Supplying algorithmic trading and consulting on structured products – Gar Wood assists in all aspects of design, negotiation, pricing and marketing of customized fund-linked products.

Gar Wood is distinguished by its consistent client focus and exceptional full-service offering of flexible, customized solutions. Gar Wood has developed strategic clearing relationships with four highly regarded firms, enabling their clients to position assets among the clearing firms as necessary. Their roster of clearing firms is led by JPMorgan/Bear Stearns Securities, Corp.* – who, despite the recent integration of Bear Stearns, maintains a strong balance sheet and credit rating. In addition, Gar Wood clients may clear through Penson Financial Services, Inc.*, Fortis Clearing and Penson/GHCO.

Established in 2003, Gar Wood Securities, LLC, is an institutional broker-dealer based in Chicago, New York and Dallas, providing a select group of hedge funds and professional traders with comprehensive Prime Brokerage, Trade Execution, Structured Products and Third-Party Marketing Services. Gar Wood continues to build its business by employing a solidly profitable business model, attracting top talent from many of the larger firms and bringing together a network of seasoned capital introduction and third-party marketing professionals.

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* Excess SIPC protection is available to potentially protect the entire net equity of your account.

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