Gar Wood Securities Joins Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program

Airex, Inc. announced today that Gar Wood Securities has joined the Airex Market Partner (AMP) Program. The AMP Program is a global service that gives companies their own turnkey, custom, self-curated, and co-branded AIREX Markets. With these AMP markets, firms can instantly offer their customers, clients, website traffic, and employees a large and growing selection of financially actionable applications, information, and reports (Financial AIR™).

Gar Wood Securities is an established US broker dealer that provides clients access to all major global markets covering equities, options, futures and fixed income. The new partnership with AIREX Markets provides the Chicago-based Gar Wood Securities an entire turnkey marketplace of financially actionable information provided to money managers, active traders, family offices, and a network of independent brokers.

“We are very pleased to be able to offer our clients a wide selection of top-shelf research that can be purchased easily, without contracts or the associated attorney’s fees to review them,” said Bob Jersey, President & CEO of Gar Wood Securities. “Gar Wood’s AIREX Market will make it easy for our clients to find, discover, and utilize new research from boutique research providers, as well as from the global research powerhouses that they already use.”

Gar Wood Securities is known for its derivative execution and prime brokerage businesses, and has been recognized in several industry surveys as a top-rated broker in client services from the hedge fund community.

“We are very excited to add Gar Wood Securities to our growing list of Airex Market Partners,” said Airex, Inc. CEO Stephen Kuhn. “Institutional investors require new trading ideas, and those often come from new research. Gar Wood Securities’ AIREX Market will provide those ideas to its clients in a convenient, cost-effective way.”

Clients of Gar Wood Securities can click to access the Gar Wood AMP Marketplace.

Learn more about the Airex Market Partner program, or sign up to become an Airex vendor or customer, or sign up to become a vendor or customer.

Originally Published in PR Underground