Why Gar Wood?

Gar Wood has been and Introducing Broker to Interactive Brokers since 2007, with headquarters in Chicago, IL. Gar Wood offers dedicated, high touch phone and email support exclusively to clients utilizing our strong relationship.

Gar Wood Securities, LLC has been acknowledged on multiple occasions as one of the nation’s top equity brokers in execution quality by earning multiple spots in Pension and Investments Tradewatch Report. The Pension and Investments survey is a ranking based on the top 50 U.S. brokers measured by the difference in cost/savings against the Elkins/McSherry Arrival Price universe, which is one of the industry standards used in measuring market impact.

Gar Wood is committed to delivering top notch client service at a cost effective price, and has previously been recognized in several industry surveys as a top broker in client services from the hedge fund community.

Gar Wood specializes in providing clients with experienced personnel, in-depth market knowledge, as well as state-of-the-art trading and reporting systems, enabling clients to operate their businesses in an efficient and cost effective manner.


Join us now to take advantage of the partnership with Interactive Brokers!

Competitive Commissions Starting at:

US Options $1.00 min or $0.70 per contract plus Pass Through Fees

US Equities $1.00 min or $0.0035 per share plus Pass Through Fees
Pass through fees include but are not limited to regulatory, exchange, transactional, hard to borrow fees.