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Gar Wood Securities is pleased to offer its brokerage services in support of subscribers to IPO Boutique, the premier IPO and Secondary Research, Ratings and Commentary service on the market.   Navigating the equity syndicate markets can be difficult. Using their extensive experience in this niche investing sector, trusted sources and a comprehensive statistical database, they help simplify a complicated and fast-moving syndicate market.  Through this exciting new relationship, customers of Gar Wood Securities may be able to utilize soft-dollar services to pay the applicable subscription fee with IPO Boutique.  In addition, IPO Boutique is currently offering discounted pricing for Gar Wood Securities customers as reflected below

Specialized Pricing for Gar Wood Securities Customers

The traditional package is being discounted $100 (10% off); The Traditional + Secondary package is being discounted $200 (17% off) and the Premium version is discounted $500 (20% off) from our normal prices listed on our website, IPOBoutique.Com.

IPO Boutique Traditional: — $895 / Annual or $250 / quarterly

IPO Traditional + Secondary Alerts — $995 / annual or $275/quarterly

IPO Boutique Premium : $2000 / annual or $550 quarterly


 About IPO Boutique 

IPO Boutique is an email-based IPO and Secondary Research, Ratings and Commentary service. The service has a client-base in the U.S. and in twelve countries.

For IPO Boutique Traditional clients…the week begins with our research that is made available on Sunday accompanied by our ratings. The weekly research outlines the key information and metrics that investors should be looking at before investing in an IPO.
Some of the information that is outlined includes:
– Summary and Charts of Balance Sheets & Income Statements
– Short and Long Terms Risks
– Competitors
– Bottom Line Summary

Click here for a sample IPO Boutique report

Daily Channel Checks

What separates us (IPO Boutique) from our competitors is our channel checks leading up to an IPO going public. For IPOs featuring top tier underwriters we provide daily updates about how the book is building. This information, like all of our messages, are delivered to your email inbox and includes the following:
– Subscription Level (oversubscribed, well-oversubscribed, multiple-oversubscribed, half-covered, etc.)
– Time (if any) of Books Closing
– Price Guidance (Lower Half, midpoint, upper half, $1.00 above range, etc)

IPO Boutique also provides pricing information as soon as a final IPO price is confirmed
from our underwriter sources and an email alert when the IPO opens for trading

Daily Pricing Sheet

IPO Boutique Provides a daily “Pricing Sheet” delivered to your inbox between
850am-9:05am EST with all of the day’s IPO and Secondary Pricings. This is an easy to
read table to prepare traders for the issues that came to market that day. This also
includes approximate opening time for Nasdaq IPOs that are set to debut that day.

SAMPLE Pricing Sheet


Secondary Track Record – IPO Boutique rates secondary offerings either a BUY or Neutral.
We maintain our last 20 BUYs for Secondary Offerings at all times on our website. As well as 3
years worth of history. Additionally, we track first trade percentages for BUYs vs. Neutrals.

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