Modifying User Access Rights

You can modify Account Management access rights for an existing user on the User Access Rights page. For example, if you add a user to your account, you may want to modify the user’s access rights at a later date.

To modify access rights for an existing user

Please login to Account Management: Account Management

    1. Click Settings > Account Settings

  1. The Users & Access Rights panel shows all of the users you have added to your account.

Click the Configure (gear) icon.

The Users & Access Rights screen opens. The Users panel shows all of the users you have added to your account along with their relationship to the primary account holder. The User Roles panel shows all user roles that you have created.

  1. In the User Roles panel, click the Edit (pencil) icon for the user role you want to modify.

    1. The process of modifying a user role is divided into several screens. On each screen, grant access to functions by clicking the box next to each one. When you complete each screen, click CONTINUE to advance to the next screen. If you want to make changes to a previous screen, click Back.

    1. The last screen in the process lets you review your changes. Click CONTINUE if everything is correct. Click Back to make changes.

      1. If you do not participate in the Secure Login System for two-factor authentication, you will receive an email with a confirmation number. Enter the confirmation number sent to you via email, then click CONTINUE. If you have not received a confirmation number, click Request Confirmation Number to have a new confirmation number sent to your email address.

      1.  Click Ok to save your changes.