Trade Directly from the VectorVest Platform through Interactive Brokers With Dedicated Client Support by Gar Wood Securities, LLC

CHICAGO, — VectorVest, the highly-regarded system providing daily market analysis for over 19,000 stocks worldwide, today announced a partnership that links VectorVest’s highly rated portfolio management software with a user’s Interactive Brokers account via its Trade Now button.

The client-centered offering provides best price executions, low commissions and margin rates via Interactive Brokers, as well as dedicated client support by Gar Wood Securities, LLC., an Introducing Broker to Interactive Brokers. For VectorVest clients, this combination enhances the customer experience by incorporating an immediate point of contact at Gar Wood with the financial strength of Interactive Brokers, the largest electronic broker in the U.S.*

The collaboration greatly streamlines the process for executing trades in U.S. stocks through VectorVest, simplifying and enhancing the trading experience for VectorVest clients while providing access to a highly-capitalized firm providing best price execution.

“Speed and quality of execution are paramount to successful trading. IB’s transparent, low-commission and best-price executions minimize traders’ costs to help maximize their returns,” said Thomas Peterffy, Chairman and CEO of Interactive Brokers. IB clients subscribing to VectorVest can now enjoy a seamless trading experience directly from VectorVest’s stock analysis and portfolio creation platform. “This is an added value to Interactive Brokers clients using VectorVest, and further demonstrates our commitment to providing the best investing service for both active and mainstream investors,” he said.

While analyzing stocks in VectorVest’s software, clients can create an order ticket by simply right-clicking on stocks and choosing Trade Now. Behind a secure login, an order ticket awaits customization and confirmation by the user. The order screen conveniently pulls in the account balance, the positions, and buying power from Interactive Brokers. One user click enables Preview Orders, and a second click, Place Orders, securely transfers the order ticket to Interactive Brokers for execution.

In addition to the new Trade Now feature, VectorVest is making RoboTrader available to clients executing with Interactive Brokers. RoboTrader is a powerful trading tool that solves many traders’ biggest problem: executing a trading plan without letting emotions cloud judgment. RoboTrader implements a trading plan only requiring confirmation for fast, accurate execution, and monitors results in real time.

Traders can use any trading system in VectorVest, modify it, or build their own, and can even trade several plans at once. RoboTrader monitors the portfolio (and trading system) to identify new trading opportunities the moment they arise and trades need to be made. Confirming trades only requires a few clicks, and the trades are sent directly to the broker.

For VectorVest subscribers to learn more about opening a new account with Interactive Brokers or to link an existing, Interactive Brokers account with the VectorVest platform, please visit

* Interactive Brokers is the largest U.S. electronic broker based on daily average revenue trades, executing 603,000 trades per day (as of October 2016).

About VectorVest

VectorVest combines the insight of fundamental valuation with the power of technical analysis in an easy-to-use stock analysis software package designed for all types of investors. VectorVest provides a Buy, Sell or Hold rating on over 19,000 stocks worldwide each day. With over 29 years of research experience on which to base its ratings, VectorVest is world-renowned for its reliable and comprehensive stock market analysis. To analyze any stock free, visit



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