Prime Brokerage Services

We offer complete prime brokerage services, including clearing and settlement of securities trades, custody of securities and financing through our strategic partnerships with top-caliber firms in the industry. We work with you to provide the services you need to conduct your business quickly and easily. Sign up today for a prime brokerage account or contact us to set up an appointment with one of our representatives.

Prime Brokerage Solutions

We take care of everything for you. From clearing and settling trades to managing your portfolio, we have you covered from every angle.

✔ Clearance, Settlement & Custody

✔ Client Performance and Analysis Reporting

✔ Securities Lending

✔ Start up Services (Legal, Fund Administration)

✔ Direct Market Access

✔ Third Party Marketing

✔ Capital Introduction

✔ Portfolio and Performance Reporting

Why Choose Gar Wood Securities?

Prime brokerage is an integral part of today’s securities industry. Our team of highly experienced professionals can help you manage and execute transactions to maximize efficiency, reduce costs and mitigate risk. Whether your needs are routine or complex, Gar Wood Securities has a prime brokerage solution to fit your business model. We work with large clearing firms in the U.S., giving you access to markets worldwide. We can help lower costs while helping you navigate regulatory compliance by consolidating trade clearing, financing, and custody services together.

Technology: Trading Systems & Reporting

Gar Wood Securities provides trading systems and reporting to ensure that you are always able to monitor your positions, stay up-to-date on market events, and have access to all relevant information. Our team of support professionals will work closely with you so that you can efficiently achieve your objectives while staying focused on managing your portfolio. We offer a wide range of trading tools and services tailored to each client’s needs.

Open a Prime Brokerage Account

We offer a variety of services that can be tailored to fit your individual needs. Whether you need funding, capital gains/loss-harvesting strategies or consolidated reports, Gar Wood can help.