Trade Execution

At Gar Wood, we’re committed to providing clients with fast, reliable trade execution in their equity transactions. With the help of our state-of-the-art technology and trade execution algorithms, we can ensure that clients get their stock orders filled as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest level of security and quality in the process. Learn more about how we execute your trades securely and efficiently by requesting an account or contacting us today!

Trade Execution Capabilities

We offer a variety of trade execution capabilities to cover your needs.

✔ Agency Desk

✔ Algorithmic Trading

✔ Soft Dollar

✔ Equities

✔ Options

✔ Futures

✔ Fixed Income


Trade Execution Performance

Gar Wood’s core focus is on providing you with best-in-class trade execution for equity and derivative securities. In addition to their proprietary trading strategy, Gar Wood works closely with you in order to provide strategic planning, advice and execution of equity trades. Through access to a wide variety of financial markets, Gar Wood has developed multiple methods for executing your orders including spot and OTC trading, market making and electronic market making.

#1 Trades by Market Cap
Small cap Securities

#3 Trades by Market Cap
Giant cap Securities

#3 Trades by Order Size
Small orders: 10,000 shares or less

#3 U.S. Brokers
All Trading

Source: Tradewatch for Q4 2021 Broker Rankings as featured on Pensions & Investments. Ranked by difference in cost/savings against the Elkins/McSherry Arrival Price universe, based on the top 50 brokers in each category by U.S. dollar volume. Rolling four-quarter data are as of December 31, 2021. Source: Elkins/McSherry, a State Street company. View Report.

Connecting the world's markets for over 15 years

Our traders specialize in the U.S., European, Asian and Canadian markets with a focus on execution that minimizes market impact while focusing on expertise for special situations like pair trades or ETFs. Efficiently execute your orders across all major asset classes using live trading desks as well electronic solutions so you can react quickly when needed

Trade Execution Technology

Gar Wood is an aggregator of electronic trading platforms that offers smart order routing for multiple exchanges, liquidity providers, and dark pools. Gar Wood executes equity and equity-related transactions globally, including equity swaps, options, warrants, and futures, underlying individual securities, indices, baskets of securities, and structured products.

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